It is my honor to serve as Inspector General for the State of Ohio. My hope is that this website will provide knowledge of the duties of our office and our role in safeguarding integrity in state government.
Though the mission of the Inspector General’s Office has remained the same for more than a quarter-century, this office continues to tackle the challenges, increasing duties, and unforeseen hurdles inherent with such a critical responsibility. During the last four years, the Inspector General Office’s operational methods and practices have evolved, and subsequently, improved.
In assembling a staff of various professionals who represent diverse educational backgrounds, credentials, and professional expertise, we have continued to effectively promote my goal of instituting a team methodology in the investigative process. This team approach is necessary to combat the ever-changing landscape of public corruption and allows investigators to concentrate on the fundamental elements of the investigation, while working with other members of the investigative staff with differing areas of expertise.
Instituting many procedural changes and incorporating the use of more sophisticated tools to improve the office’s overall investigative process has proven to be very valuable. In early 2012, the initiation and establishment of a case management system, IGNITE, enhanced the investigative process by affording investigators the ability to discern patterns by connecting people, organizations, locations, and property from one case to another. The results have had a profound effect on the office’s overall investigative process.
Additionally, in observance of National Fraud Awareness Week, the office annually collaborates with several organizations and state entities to cosponsor the conference Targeting Fraud – Safeguarding Integrity. This two-day interdisciplinary training features a wide range of topics relating to fraud and the investigative process.
As the Inspector General, I am committed to investigating allegations of wrongful acts or omissions without bias or outside influence and in a timely, thorough, and impartial manner. The Inspector General’s Office remains dedicated to the principle that no public servant, regardless of rank or position, is above the law, and the strength of our government is built on the solid character of the individuals who uphold the public trust.
Randall J. Meyer
Ohio Inspector General