It is my honor to serve as Inspector General for the state of Ohio. This website provides an overview of our office’s work and information on our important role in safeguarding integrity in state government. Though the mission of the Inspector General’s Office has remained the same for more than a quarter-century, this office continues to tackle the challenges and unforeseen hurdles inherent with such a critical responsibility.
During my last eight years serving as Inspector General, the office’s operational methods and practices have continually evolved and increasingly improved. I have instituted many procedural changes and incorporated the use of innovative tools to improve the office’s overall investigative practices.   I have also assembled a staff of various professionals who represent diverse educational backgrounds, credentials, and professional expertise, to support my objective of utilizing a team methodology in conducting investigations. This team approach is essential to effectively combat the ever-changing landscape of public corruption. Since 2011, my office has released over 600 reports of investigation, issued more than 900 recommendations to agencies, and identified over $280 million dollars lost to the state of Ohio.
As the Inspector General, I am dedicated to enhancing the accountability and transparency of state government operations. I am committed to investigating allegations of wrongful acts or omissions without bias or outside influence in a timely, thorough, and impartial manner. For every investigation that identifies wrongdoing, fraud, waste, and abuse, our office finds new means to combat malfeasance, innovative methods to increase public trust, and meaningful recommendations to improve and expand current best practices and processes.
The Inspector General’s Office abides to the principle that no public servant, regardless of rank or position, is above the law, and that the foundation of our government is built on the solid character of those people who hold the public trust.

Randall J. Meyer
Ohio Inspector General