To file a complaint with the Ohio Inspector General's Office, please fill out the below Adobe Acrobat PDF Complaint Form. (The free Adobe Reader may be required to view or print PDF files). Please contact our office by phone at 614-644-9110 (Toll-Free: 800-686-1525) or by email at if a complaint form needs to be mailed to your preferred address. The Ohio Inspector General's office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday.
Completed complaint forms can be sent to the Ohio Inspector General's Office using the following methods:
  U.S. Mail: Ohio Inspector General's Office
    30 E. Broad Street, Suite 2940
    Columbus, Ohio 43215
  Fax: (614) 644-9504
Anyone may file a complaint with the Inspector General’s Office. At times, complaints are forwarded by other agencies or officials. Complaint forms can be downloaded from the inspector general’s website or are provided upon request. Complaints can be made anonymously; however, it may be difficult to verify the information provided or ask additional questions.
The inspector general may grant complainants or witnesses confidentiality. When appropriate, information received from complainants and witnesses may also be deemed “confidential.” Confidentiality is appropriate when it is necessary to protect a witness. It is also appropriate in cases where the information and documentation provided during the course of an investigation would, if disclosed, compromise the integrity of the investigation or when considered confidential by operation of law.
The Inspector General’s Office does not offer legal advice or opinions to complainants. In instances where it appears that a complainant is seeking legal assistance, or where it appears that another agency is better suited to address a complainant’s issues, the office will make every effort to advise the complainant to consult with private legal counsel or a more appropriate agency, organization, or resource.
Complaints received are reviewed by the intake committee. This committee consists of the inspector general, chief legal counsel, first assistant deputy inspector general, and case manager. A complaint offering credible allegations of wrongful acts or omissions that fall within the inspector general’s jurisdiction is assigned to a deputy inspector general for investigation. Opened and ongoing investigations are generally not subject to public disclosure in order to safeguard the integrity of the investigative process. In instances where a complaint is unsubstantiated, or another agency is better suited to address a complainant’s issues, the office will make every effort to direct him or her to a more appropriate agency, organization, or resource.
At the conclusion of an investigation by the Inspector General’s Office, a report of investigation is completed and provided to the governor and the agency subject to investigation. The report may include recommendations for the agency to consider in addressing and avoiding the recurrence of fraud, waste, abuse, or corruption uncovered by the investigation. For each report where the inspector general concludes there is reasonable cause to believe wrongful acts or omissions have occurred, the agency subject to the investigation is asked to respond back to the Ohio inspector general within 60 days of the issuance of the report, detailing how the report’s recommendations will be implemented. Although there is no enforcement mechanism to ensure items are addressed, the inspector general exercises his due diligence and follows up with the agency. When appropriate, a report of investigation may also be forwarded to a prosecutor for review to determine whether the underlying facts give rise to a criminal prosecution. Selected issued reports of investigation are posted on the Ohio inspector general’s website and all issued reports of investigation are available to the public upon request.